Workplace for qualified talents


Talents are the most valuable property toward Apogee

A corporation can keep growing and flourishing only by recruiting qualified and excellent talents, and to put them into the most suitable position to exert their ability; 「Find the right person to do the right things」can make things dealt with efficiently, 「To explore, To understand and To solve problems」is the working atmosphere of「Creation」 and 「Respect」that we committed to bring in as well as entertainment, challenge and reasonable salary. Therefore,「Trust」and 「Responsibility」are the features of our cultural, care and feedback are the most priorities of our management.

Human Rights Policy

Apogee Optocom Co,.Ltd respects and supports internationally recognized human rights standards and principles, including the UN《Universal Declaration of Human Rights》, the《United Nations Global Compact》, and related criteria in《International Labor Organization Convention》, and complies with local laws and regulations, refuse any behavior that violates human rights.

  1. To provide a safe and healthy working environment
  2. Prohibition of illegal discrimination and make sure equality of working opportunity.
  3. Prohibition of child labour
  4. Prohibition of forcing labour
  5. To assist employee maintain physical/mental health, and keep balance between work and life.

What we've done

To safeguard human right and right to work

Every employee should be treated equally with respect during its time in Apogee. We disseminate concept of gender equality and recruitment is based on interviewee's education and working experience, rather than their gender and appearance. We regulate「Rules for Prevention of Sexual Harassment」and「complaint channel for employees」 in accordance with related rules, setting up a Complaint Handling Committee and assign managers as processing unit. Management and Labor Council is conducted periodically to make opinions from employees can be expressed through legal channel, ensuring employee's equity, dignity and a suitable working environment.
In addition, we obey related laws and give freedom to employee of forming and participating parties, and devote ourselves in Management and Labor Council and Employee Welfare Committee.We encourage our employees to exercise their civil right and get involved in public affairs, voting to qualified and ethnic people, but not limit or manipulate their will or choice for political party. We don't ask our employees voting to specific party or candidate by threatening their working opportunities. We purely focus on what we do on manufacturing, and don't participate in any political donation activity.

Welfare and care toward employee

「Employees are the most valuable property toward Apogee」, even having a strong management team, we are still not able to make profit without those hard-working colleagues. We regard all colleagues as a family, and provide several welfares, hoping to build up an atmosphere for them to live and work together. Below are welfares we provide:

Apogee not only sets up Welfare Committee that in charge of welfares above in accordance with laws, but also provides health examination, joy party, talent competition, club, company trip and cash gift or coupon for Festivals, hoping to make all members in Apogee family can feel our care to them.

Employee training

The training is started from the beginning of entering the company, which is new employee orientation. From employee orientation to on-job training, we interpret related regulations in company and labour security, and appoint a person as mentor, to explain, demonstrate, execute, and review all related processes to achieve porpose of teaching knowledge and technique.
Moreover, we teach related SOP process, and set up technical skills to standardize the process, expecting to keep improving and growing together.

On-job training
Item number of people hours of training
professional training 183 456
orientation 36 160
Total 219 616
Health improvement and activities

Apogee provides not only basic insurance and training in accordance with related laws and regulations, but also:

  1. Management of dining area: we provides several places for our employees having meals and taking rest during break time.
  2. Reading area: we plan an area for our employees to read.
  3. Lounge: to enable our employees take a good break.
  4. Outdoor Activities : for examples, basketball, tennis and baseball.
System of pension and execution

System of pension and execution

  1. To reward employee's devotion toward company, and provide stable live for them, we regulate「Regulation of Management to Retirement」
  2. 「Regulation of Management to Retirement」is based on Clause53 to 58.
  3.  6% of employee's monthly salary is withdrawn to personal pension account in Bureau of Labour Insurance. Employees may volunteer to withdraw up to 6% pension.
  4. System of retirement that is suitable for employees.
    • -Employees may apply for retirement with below conditions:
    • To serve in company for more than 15 years and aged 55.
    • To serve in company for 25 years.
    • To serve in company over 1 years and aged 60.
    • -Employees with below conditions are forced to retire :
    • Aged 65, but excludes for those who is asked to stay by company.
    • For those who is diagnosed mentally or physically disabled and cannot afford workload.
    • For those who is responsible for special working load that is dangerous and require physical strength, and is reported to the central competent authority and is permitted to retire earlier than regulated, but can not less than age 55.
  5. Calculation standard for seniority of retirement
    • Calculation of seniority: The seniority of a worker is calculated from the first day of his/her employment. The seniority served in Apogee is started from employment, and ended at the day of retirement, and seniority should be deducted during unpaid leave. The seniority before and after Labour Standard Act acted should be calculated altogether, but excluding seniority regulated in system of retirement (new act) under Labor Pension Act. When employee is compliant with standard of applying pension regulated in Labor Pension Act, she/he may apply for pension from Bureau of Labour Insurance, and Apogee will not pay for pension again, unless administering authority will pay additionally.
    • For employees that are forced to retire, if they are mentally or physically disabled due to executing job duties, there will be more 20% of pension in accordance with regulations above.

Safe workplace

Occupational safety and health management

Employees are property of Apogee, therefore maintenance of safety at workplace is one the most important point that we pay attention.
To decrease occupational injury can not only prevent tragedies among multiple families, but also prevent unnecessary loss. We also conduct rehearsal for fire fighting, earthquake and disaster prevention education, to achieve purpose of zero risk and zero accident.
Moreover, we insure for every of our employee with accident insurance, with up to 3 millions NT dollars loss-claim depends on different types of job responsibilites. 

Prevention for occupational injury

To conduct labour safety and health: to conduct safety educational training and operation for fire fighting equipments, we provides not only practical rehearsal, but also disseminate concept of safety and health at workplace.

Professional management personnel for Labour safety
Licensed management personnel for Labour safety
Level A Labour safety and health affair managers and management personnel 1
Level A Occupational safety and health affair managers and management personnel 2
Supervisors in charge of harmful operations 1
Supervisor in charge of organic solvent operations 2
Management personnel for fire prevention 4
First aid personnel 13
Supervisor in charge of dusty operations 1
Operators in charge of high-pressure gas operations 1
Operator of forklift with capacity of 1 ton or more 1
Labour safety and health affair managers and management personnel 1
Personnel for occupational health service nurse 1
Occupational safety and health affair managers and management personnel 4