Supply Chain Management

In order to make sure procurement process such as inquiry, price comparison, negotiation, purchase, incoming item and payment has standard to follow up, and to control quality of purchased item and achieve required leat time to prevent production from being stopped or awaited, Apogee has regulated a Procurement Management Regulation.

Supplier Evaluation

In order to control item's quality, price, lead time and green products of suppliers, making procurement and production process have standard to move on efficiently, Apogee has regulated a Supplier Evaluation Regulation.
A supplier evaluating team will conducts evaluation against cooperated qualified supplier's pricing, quality, delivery condition, service and green product in accordance with Supplier Evaluation Form annually, and to list unqualified supplier if the product is not compliant with RoHS.

Ranking of evaluation and action taken
Rank Score Action taken
Rank A 85 ~ 100 分 List as a qualified vendor to cooperate with.
Rank B 70 ~ 84 分 List as a qualified vendor to cooperate with.
Rank C 60 ~ 69 分 List as a vendor that needs to be educated, and reduce or stop purchasing.
Rank D 59 分以下 Unqualified vendor, stop any cooperation.