Taking good care of the Fountain

Apogee considers it's important to clean up our surroundings. Therefore, we are volunteered to take care of one of the fountains in Science Park, raising carp, goldfish, and also nourish lotus to provide a beautiful scene and a good place for our neighbors to get together. Because of our effort, the fountain has changed from a messy corner to a flourishing, vibrant pond, it even attracts various birds and butterfly, forming a diverse biological system.

Society Donation

Most of single parent family have limited income and therefore causes their children can not obtain general education or standard of living compared to ordinary family. Apogee's chairman donates 20 thousand NT dollars every month to The Single Parent Educational Foundation to help children in single parent family get general education as oridinary family do, wish could provide them an enjoyable, warm childhood.
We also encourage our co-workers participate in community charity activity, for example beach or community clean-up, to make our society filled with love and peace.

Emergency Relief

Apogee supplies emergency relief to nature and society disasters.

Social Participation

Blood donation

Apogee contributes ourselves to blood donation, and even hold an activity of blood donation with Executive Secretary of Qingangong temple, Fang,Yi-Fong, hoping to receive response from volunteers and express our care to society.

Beach Clean-Up

Apogee and Nanpao gather all staff's effort to make crabs and mud skippers live in the lagoon and wetlands without garbages. The only way to maintain natural ecosystems is to take deep introspection about environment. Assisting with beach clean-up is just temporary action, the permanent corrective actions is to raise our consciousness of reducing diposible utensil.