「Human resources is the most valuable property toward Apogee」, a corporation can keep growing and flourishing only by recruiting qualified and excellent talents, and to put them into the most suitable position to exert their ability; 「Find the right person to do the right things」can make things dealt with efficiently, 「To explore, To understand and To solve problems」is the working atmosphere of 「Creation」 and 「Respect」that we committed to bring in as well as entertainment, challenge and reasonable salary. Therefore,「Trust」and 「Responsibility」are the features of our cultural, care and feedback are the most priorities of our management.

In high-tech industry field, it's the coming era for innovation and variety , especially at the growing stage of 5G market, it is an important issue to introduce and flourish great talents.

Employee Benefit

Bonus / Gifts
  1. Year-end Bonus
  2. Holiday Bonus / Gifts
  1. Labor Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Employment Injury Insurance (Group)
  1. Meal Allowance
  2. Incentive compensation for stay-on
  3. Incentive compensation for introducing new employee
  4. Performance Bonus
Leave System
  1. The two-day weekend
  2. Annaul leave
  3. Paternity leave
  4. Maternity leave
  5. Parental leave
  6. Menstrual leave
  1. Wedding cash gift
  2. Maternity pension
  3. Medical Grants
  4. Grants
  1. Bonus
  2. Company trip
  3. Employee Welfare Committee

Process of recruitment

Way of recruitment
Resume Review

HR dep. reviews Resume

Notification of Interview