Environmental Protection

Saving Energy

Holding employee training courses to disseminate concept of saving energy and reduction of carbon emissions to protect our Earth.
Using energy-efficient equipment in factory and office.

Management of Energy and Greenhouse Gas

Usage of fossil fuel in Apogee is limited. There is only gasoline consumption for official vehicles and no other gas, coal or diesel in use.

Management of Greenhouse Gas

Apogee not only keeps promoting reduction of carbon emission, but also provide reduction proposals as reference. We control emission and put it under monitoring in response to the trend of reducing emission of greenhouse gas in the future. In the meantime, we introduce E-file process and program internally, expect to achieve prupose of saving cost, saving energy, and eco-friendly. The carbon emission in 2019 is 6,845 tons, which is 450 tons lower compared to 2018 7,295 tons in Apogee.

Management of Water Resources

Apogee puts a lot of effort in saving water. In addition to improve facility, we also disseminate concept to employee about changing habit of using water.
Besides, what we do in the industry doesn't consume a lot of water, water we use is tap water, and doesn't have effect to water resources.
The water consumed is for domestic use and cooling purpose, and drains to sewage treatment system managed by Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration. The bureau will pick water sample to do inspection regularly, the drained sewage is compliant with standards required by authority concerned, to make sure it's not harmful to ecology.

Green Products

Green Procurement

Started from beginning of product development, to procurement and management of material, all concerning departments need to choose green products as possible as they can if there's possibility evaluating new materials. For those items with high risk need to be listed in GP controlled materials, and ask suppliers provide qualified test report tested by third party, MSDS and sign declaration of Non-use for Hazardous Substances.
If there's any change happens on material criteria, all suppliers need to be notified to ensure all supplied materials are compliant with customer's request and international standard.

Pollution Prevention

Hazardous Substance Process Management

Apogee strictly prohibits any use of hazardous substances. The definition of hazardous substances includes, but not limited to, materials that have significant hazard to human body or environment contained in components, ingrediant, packing that used during production.
Any use of hazardous substances that regulated by law is forbidden, and every department needs to be informed in order to ensure our products can meet customer's requirement.
In term of pollution prevention, we have a person in charge of monitoring to prevent pollution from making influence to environment and our staff. Drained water is also compliant with related regulations and no any out-of-standard or violation occurs. The sewage treatment plant also samples water quality to make sure safety of water usage.

Waste Treatment and Recycle

Apogee takes criteria regulated by law as basic requirement to ask factory set up management system and responsible department to keep approaching goal of reducing waste.

  1. Management for source of waste

    There are two parts of wastes in our company, which are domestic waste and business waste used in production process. We reduce domestic waste by edcuating our employee preparing their own tableware instead of using disposable chopsticks, and not use items that is over-packaging to achieve goal of waste reduction.
    On the other hand, we choose the most appropriate packing for our product, and take decreasing percentage of harmful wastes as our main goal to press ahead reduction of business waste.

  2. Management of concentrating wastes

    After wastes are concentrated, there will be a department in charge of sorting and recycling. We are able to control waste production and where it comes from by sorting and managing those wastes. Furthermore, we cooperate with recycling company to make those recyclable wastes re-used, to achieve final goal of zero waste.

  3. Treatment and Trace

    For those that are unable to recycle or re-used wastes, we contract with Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center to outsource the affairs to other firms that are capable of dealing with those unrecyclable wastes.

  4. Effectiveness of waste management

    Principle of Apogee's management against wastes is to reduce production of wastes, enhance rate of recycling and keep promoting waste deduction.

Ecological Protection

Apogee locates at Tainan Science Park, our plants passes standard of environmental impact assessment. Administration of Tainan Science Park considers it's important to conserve an ecological area in the park, therefore, it puts a lot of effort on no matter construction or system lay-out and aquatic plant planning in accordance with different districts and environment to complete the ecological system.
We encourage our colleague to take public transportation and ride bicycle insteading of driving car or scooter. Besides, we are in charge of taking care of one of the fountains in Science Park, raising carp and lotus, providing a beautiful scene and a good place for our neighbors to get together. Because of our effort, the fountain has changed from a messy corner to a flourishing, vibrant pond, it even attracts various birds and butterfly, forming a diverse biological system.