Audit Committee

The committee is composed of all independent directors, with three members. The term of office of independent directors of this committee is three years, and they may be re-elected. However, in order to enable independent directors to exercise their powers objectively and avoid reducing their independence due to long tenure, it is not appropriate for at least two independent directors to serve consecutive terms More than nine years. The committee meets at least once every quarter and may hold meetings as needed. The audit committee aims to assist the board of directors in supervising the quality and integrity of the company's implementation of the accounting, auditing, financial reporting process and financial control.

Remuneration Committee

The main responsibility of the "Remuneration Committee" is to evaluate the company's overall remuneration and welfare policies, as well as the remuneration policies and systems of the company's directors, supervisors and managers with a professional and objective status, and to make recommendations to the board for its decision-making The reference.
The Remuneration Committee convenes at least twice a year. For the holding of the committee meetings and the attendance rate of each member, please refer to the company's annual report.

Each of the above-mentioned functional committees has conducted an internal self-evaluation of each functional committee in 2023 . The evaluation content includes the following matters:
1.The committee’s involvement in the company’s operations.
2.Understanding of the responsibilities of members of the Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee
3.Improve the decision-making quality of the audit and remuneration committees
4.Composition and selection of members of the audit and remuneration committees
5.Members of the Audit and Remuneration Committee evaluate the effectiveness of the formulation and
implementation of internal controls

In 2023, The operation of the salary and remuneration committee:
(1)There are three members of the Company’s Remuneration Committee.
(2)The term of the current committee members: from June 14, 2022 to June 13, 2025.
(3)Attendance status: From January to the end of December 2023,the Salary and Remuneration Committee of our company met twice in total. All members attended in person, and the attendance rate was 100%. The attendance status of the members is shown in Appendix 1.

【Responsibilities of the Salary and Remuneration Committee】
This committee will faithfully perform the following duties and powers with the care of a good steward and submit its suggestions to the Board of Directors for discussion.
(一)Formulate and regularly review salary and remuneration policies, systems, standards and structures for
performance evaluation of directors and managers.
(二)Regularly evaluate and set the remuneration of directors and managers.

【2023 Salary and Remuneration Committee meeting information】
2023 The salary and remuneration committee meets to review and evaluate the company's salary and
remuneration information as shown in Appendix 2.

2023 The Board of Directors has passed resolutions on all matters recommended by the Salary and
Remuneration Committee.

Committee Members 附表一-112年度薪資報酬委員會運作情形資訊.pdf 附件二-112年薪資報酬委員會開會資訊.pdf