Audit Committee

The committee is composed of all independent directors, with three members. The term of office of independent directors of this committee is three years, and they may be re-elected. However, in order to enable independent directors to exercise their powers objectively and avoid reducing their independence due to long tenure, it is not appropriate for at least two independent directors to serve consecutive terms More than nine years. The committee meets at least once every quarter and may hold meetings as needed. The audit committee aims to assist the board of directors in supervising the quality and integrity of the company's implementation of the accounting, auditing, financial reporting process and financial control.

Remuneration Committee

The main responsibility of the "Remuneration Committee" is to evaluate the company's overall remuneration and welfare policies, as well as the remuneration policies and systems of the company's directors, supervisors and managers with a professional and objective status, and to make recommendations to the board for its decision-making The reference.
The Remuneration Committee convenes at least twice a year. For the holding of the committee meetings and the attendance rate of each member, please refer to the company's annual report.

Committee Members