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At least once a year, the company conducts education and publicity on the "Management Measures for the Prevention of Insider Trading" and related laws and regulations for current directors, managers and employees, and provides education and publicity for new directors, managers and employees in a timely manner. This year, relevant education and publicity activities were carried out for current directors on November 07 and December 20, 2019, including the subject of insider trading regulations, the scope of major internal information, public operations, handling of violations, and explanations of transaction examples. And send the course briefing file to all directors, supervisors, managers and employees for reference.

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Important Board Resolutions
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  • 101年董事會重要決議事項
  • 102年董事會重要決議事項
  • 103年董事會重要決議事項
  • 104年董事會重要決議事項
  • 105年董事會重要決議事項
  • 106年董事會重要決議事項
  • 107年董事會重要決議事項